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IRTI - The Islamic Research and Training Institute is an affiliate of the Islamic Development Bank Group responsible for leading the development and sustenance of a dynamic and comprehensive Islamic Financial Services Industry that supports socio-economic development in Member countries.​​

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Capacity Building

IRTI pursues tasks of capacity building and human capital development in order to prepare skilled human resources in IDB member countries that can adopt and implement the economic and financial principles from an Islamic perspective.


IRTI conducts and co-ordinates basic and applied research to develop models and methods for the application of Shari’ah in economics, finance and banking with main areas in inclusive Islamic financial services and sustainable and comprehensive human development, promoting awareness of the role of Islamic finance in building financial stability and in alleviating poverty.

Policy Dialogue

IRTI conducts and facilitates policy dialogue with member countries to use efficient monetary policies and in building successful partnerships and alliances with key stakeholders for the Islamic financial services industry in partnership with local, regional and international institutions engaged in IFSI.


IRTI organizes conferences, seminars and training workshops on main topics of Islamic Banking & Finance, Private Sector Development, Human Resources Development and Macroeconomic Management.  

Advisory and Consulting

IRTI offers consulting services to assist the IDB Group and others interested to help them resolve practical Shari‘ah related issues and develop Shari‘ah compliant financial products.


IDB Prize in Islamic economics banking and finance to recognize, reward and encourage creative efforts of outstanding merit in these fields. 


IRTI publishes a refereed journal on Islamic Economic Studies that maintains high academic standards outlining the research activities in Islamic economics, banking and finance.

IRTI Publications

IRTI has produced a whole range of literature on Islamic economics, banking and finance and developed a number of databases in these fields. ​​