Advisory and Technical Assistance Division​​ 

IRTI Advisory is IRTI's interface with the market and industry.  We provide comprehensive advisory and consultancy services in the field of Islamic finance and economics with global outreach to not only clients in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also in member countries and other regions.  Being a subsidiary of Islamic Development Bank Group and nestled in Jeddah, the services offered by IRTI's Advisory Services Division are a true sign of IRTI's continuous initiative in giving support  to the development and  growth of the Islamic financial industry in IDB member countries and also globally.

222.jpgL​everaging the inputs from IRTI's cutting edge research, information and insights, IRTI Advisory transforms this knowledge into real advice and practice for industry players and institut ions in the fields of Islamic Economics, Banking, Finance, Zakat, Awqaf and Microfinance.  

With a wealth of experience advising and collaborating with governments and leading financial institutions, we are able to tap into a pool of prominent researchers and industry experts within the IDB Group to develop and implement workable solutions addressing the needs of our clients across the globe, irrespective of whether they are private entities or sovereign in nature. 

The technical know-how at our disposal makes IRTI Advisory Services a preferred one-stop global center of advisory and consultancy in Islamic finance and economics and would give our clients a competitive edge as compared to other players in the industry.

Major Advisory Activities​: 

• ​Financial Products from Islamic Fiqh
• Zakat and Awqaf Products
• Islamic Financial Product Development
• Regulatory Frameworks
• Shari’ah Research, Guidelines & Toolkits
• Islamic Banking Windows
• Conversion to Islamic Banking
• Shari’ah Audit and Advisory
• Technical Support for Sukuk Issuance
​• Shari’ah Governance
• Shari’ah Standards
• Islamic Banking Products and Instruments
• Waqf and Zakat
• Lectures
• Symposia
• Conferences
• Publications
About IRTI Advisory