​Economics & Fin​ance Advisory

​​​​IRTI Advisory provides a comprehensive portfolio of technical assistance and advisory services ranging from the development of new Islamic financial products and services for varying market needs, toolkits and frameworks for the implementation of  Islamic Finance, Zakat and Awqaf  to capacity building for regulators and industry players, among others.  ​

The Advisory team, comprising various nationalities with broad language skills, is able to mobilize the specialized resources required for each unique client situation — whenever and wherever they are needed and is focused on the following​​:

 ​  Advising interested governments and private sector institutions on applications of Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking to promote economic development and financial stability,

 ​  Collaboratin​g with the Islamic Financial Services Board, and other International Islamic infrastructure Institutions on analysis, and development of standards, and good practices, in supervision, governance, and market development, and contribute to their adoption in IDB member countries,

​​​   Assisting interested IDB Member and Non-Member Countries in developing and building Zakat, Awqaf and Islamic Microfinance institutions,

   Org​anizing country level and regional symposia, conferences and seminars to promote dialogue and disseminate knowledge in Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking,

   Developing economic policies that suit the requirements of member countries and that are consistent with Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking,

   ​Developing and implementing innovative new products required by Islamic Financial Institutions. 
Economics & Finance Advisory