​Shari'ah Advisory
IRTI Advisory provides Shari'ah Advisory Services on matters related to Islamic banking and finance in the following areas:

●   Shari'ah analysis on Islamic finance, including but not limited to the following industries: banking, capital market, capital ventures, fund or asset management, Takaful (Islamic Insurance) and others,

●   Shari'ah studies on Sukuk structures and Sukuk Issuance,

●   Shari'ah toolkits, guidelines, manuals and policies,

●   Shari'ah external review and compliance exercise and Shari'ah Auditing,

●   Shari'ah legal framework, contracts and documentations,

●   Shari'ah institutional advisory such as converting conventional banks into Islamic banks, setting up Islamic windows etc,

●   Zakah and Awqaf related matters,

●   Shari'ah Accreditation​.​
Shari'ah Advisory