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IRTI and IBA Organize Executive Program on Impact Investing for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 22 July 2018: An Executive Learning Program, being organized by the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) in collaboration with the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (IBA), will train participants on how to utilize Islamic finance for impact investing.

The program, scheduled to take place in Karachi on August 8-9, 2018, will help participants to understand how impact investing can help in achieving SDGs as well as understand the key principles of Islamic finance, recognize risks, opportunities, and mitigation strategies in Shariah compliant impact investments.

The training program will also cover other areas such as the similarities between Islamic finance and impact investing, the use of Islamic financial instruments for impact investing and how to measure the impact of Shariah compliant impact investing.

Dr. Humayon Dar, Director General of IRTI stated: "For the world to achieve the targets set in the 2030 agenda, there is need to tap into different financing instruments. Islamic finance is one of the viable options available to the international community. The Islamic Development Bank has utilized various Islamic financing instruments to address development challenges such as poverty alleviation, job creation and financing infrastructure projects. As the research arm of the bank, IRTI is keen to share this knowledge with other institutions for the benefit of humanity."

The workshop is available to stakeholders in the Islamic finance industry such as investors and fund managers, Shariah scholars, consultants, Fintech organizations, government departments, regulatory bodies, Islamic banks, Takaful (insurance) operators and development institutions.  

IRTI and IBA Organize Executive Program on Impact Investing for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)