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Name Takaful Insurance: Theoretical & Practical Framework (Training Guide)
Author : Ahmed M. Sabbagh
Format : Printed Copy
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Weight : 1 kg
Year of Publication : 2017
Subject : Takaful
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This book, covering all aspects of Takāful Insurance, is based on research and studies conducted on Takāful Insurance. It discusses the Takāful concept in theoretical and empirical approaches. The theoretical part gives an overview of Takāful, its emergence, development, and principles, and the Sharī’ah standards that govern Takāful operations, services, models, challenges, and other related issues. The empirical part covers practical training issues on all aspects of Takāful Insurance, and discusses surplus treatment in Takāful companies, financial statements, corporate governance, risk management, role of Shari’ah supervisory boards in takāful companies, and method of Islamic re-insurance.

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