In-House Research​​

About the Program

The aim of this program is to increase and disseminate knowledge and information on Islamic economics, banking and finance through various activities such as research and training. These constitute the core activity of IRTI. The research areas are divided into five clusters, i.e., Financial Stability and Risk Management, Islamic Financial Products Development, Islamic Financial Institutions and financial sector development, Economics Development in OIC, and Human Development in light of Maqasid al –Shariah.


List of In-House Research


​​Islamic Microfinance: Moving Beyond Financial InclusionCompleted​-Dr. Abdelrahman Elzahi
​Free Economy: How Islamic Economics System Shape the Future Global Economy​
Completed​-Prof Abdul Ghafar Ismail
Al Tawhid in Relation to the Economic Order of Microfinance InstitutionsCompleted​-Prof Abdul Ghafar Ismail
Ethics in Relation to Islamic Finance ActivitiesCompleted​-Prof Abdul Ghafar Ismail
​Islamic Social Finance ReportCompletedCross DivisionDr. ObaidUllah, Dr. Nasim Shah Shirazi and Dr. Hylmun Izhar
​An Analysis of Income Ratio and Risk Sharing Structure ​CompletedCollaboration with Imam University, Riyadh-KSADr. Seif Tageldin and Dr. Hylmun Izhar 
​Risk Management in Islamic Capital MarketCompletedCollaboration with Durham University, UKDr. Hylmun Izhar and Prof Habib Ahmed
​Measuring the Value Added of Islamic BankCompletedCollaboration with University of Putra, MalaysiaProf Abdul Ghafar Ismail

In House Research